House Turns On Hillary – Releases PROOF That She Committed Major Crime

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Millions of Americans have always been convinced that Hillary Clinton made false statements while testifying before Congress about her email practices from her time as Secretary of State. Now, the House Oversight Committee has released video evidence that proves Clinton did indeed commit perjury during her testimony.

This woman should be in JAIL instead of the White House!

The House Oversight Committee has now released a video that focused attention on four specific instances when Clinton appeared to have perjured herself during the hearing. Specifically, the video showed how Clinton’s remarks contradicted the findings of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which were released in July.

The first incident occurred when Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on the emails she sent or received, but FBI Director James Comey said at least three of the emails had been clearly marked classified.

Clinton also told the committee that her team went through each of the thousands of emails sent to the State Department individually. Comey said investigators discovered that Clinton’s team did not read all the emails and instead relied on headers and a narrow set of search terms.

Clinton testified that there was only one server used to house her emails, but the FBI discovered Clinton used several different severs during her tenure as secretary of state.

Clinton also maintained that she had relinquished all of her emails to the State. However, the FBI found several thousand emails related to work that were not in the initial group of 30,000 Clinton handed over.

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