Obama’s Sister Breaks Her Silence… Reveals Something CHILLING

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President Obama has been trying to hide his Kenyan family from the press for years out of fear of what they might reveal about him. When Obama recently visited Kenya, however, he could not hide them anymore.

The president’s half sister Alma Obama, however, had nothing but positive things to say about him when she sat down with CNN this week.

“I love my brother,” she said. “What can I say? I mean it’s interesting that we met quite late in life. We hit it off — and yeah — he’s my brother — that’s why we don’t do the half thing.”

Alma did not meet Barack until they were both in their 20s, when she made a visit to Chicago. There, she also met the future first lady, Michelle Obama, for whom she was a bridesmaid. While the rest of the family has tried to distance themselves from the president, Alma appears to be proud to be his sister.

“I’m proud of our name because my brother really has carried our name up there,” she said. “It’s made our mark in the world. It tells every child that if you work hard — you can do whatever you want in this world. You can make your future. So, what I’m trying to do here, he has done.”

While this may sound sweet, Alma’s interview has actually sent the White House into a panic, as it reminds the world about Barack’s suspiciously close ties to Kenya. Accusations that the president was actually born there resurfaced this week after he was greeted by signs that said, “Welcome Home” when he landed in the African nation.

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