Megyn Kelly Gets The Worst News Of Her Career

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Ever since Megyn Kelly launched her feud with Donald Trump last summer, many conservatives have felt she has been trying to pander to liberals as she prepares to abandon Fox News. Now, it looks like Kelly is paying the price for betraying her conservative audience.

She never should have messed with Trump…

According to a report by Adweek, Megyn Kelly’s The Kelly File has been in a tight competition for ratings with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

The competition was especially fierce among the 25-54 age demographic, where The Rachel Maddow Show nearly tied Kelly in total viewership on Wednesday. This is the third time this August where Maddow has either tied or surpassed Kelly among that group.

“Maddow also beat Kelly File in the demo on Monday, August 15 (428-416) and on Thursday, August 4 (493-485),” reported Breitbart. 

The Fox News Channel still pulled in 500,000 more overall viewers, but the 25-54 is of vital importance because of its high value to advertisers. 

Although the close competition comes while Kelly is taking time off as host for vacation, The Kelly File far surpassed Maddow’s show while Kelly was on vacation this time last year.

While Fox News remains America’s most watched cable news network, MSNBC has taken a significant jump, beating out CNN in the second quarter of 2016 for total viewership in prime time and in the key demographic.

“July marked MSNBC’s most-watched month in nearly four years … And it wasn’t just Maddow’s show outperforming expectations; All in with Chris Hayes and The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell also saw big gains over last year,” Breitbart reported. 

Some attribute Kelly’s sinking ratings to her attack on Donald Trump earlier this year. 

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