Something Sinister Just Happened To Agent Who Kept Syringe Near Hillary At All Times

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Reports have surfaced in the past weeks that a man who has been spotted near Hillary Clinton at all times throughout her campaign is actually a medical professional who uses a syringe to treat her serious health problems. Though Clinton has always denied claims that she is in poor health, what just happened to the guy who was once her “right-hand man” appears to suggest otherwise.

Something very fishy is going on here…

According to some chilling new reports, a man who has repeatedly been spotted with Hillary Clinton on her campaign trail was just seen carrying a strange syringe-like pen with him.

The man was dressed like a secret service agent, but it appears he may play a very different role on the trail. What’s happened to the man since being outed by the media over a week ago is even more suspicious.

Twitter users pointed out that during a campaign stop in a Las Vegas union hall in the beginning of August, Hillary froze suddenly, as if she had just been stunned. One this happened, a group of men rushed over to aid her. The man photographed with the syringe was among them.

“You’re OK—Keep talking,” he was overheard saying, as he patted her back.

An expert in Secret Service tactics raised further questions when he claimed that agents would never touch a candidate in the manner this man did on stage.

Mike Cernovick pointed out that the man was seen carrying what looks like a Diazepam auto-ejector pen, used to treat patients who suffer from seizures. It’s possible the man is a doctor.

Notably, when the man’s strange actions were called out, he disappeared from the campaign trail. If he was fired, Clinton made the decision completely under the radar.

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