Hillary’s Plane Touches Down – Reporter Immediately Sees Sick ‘Problem’ She Has…

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Hillary Clinton travelled to Martha’s Vineyard over the weekend to celebrate her husband’s birthday and to attend a fundraiser with Cher 20 miles away in Cape Cod.

Most people travel the short distance from Martha’s Vineyard to the cape by boat or ferry, but not Clinton. Instead, Conservative Tribune reported that she opted for a far more elaborate form of travel by taking her private plane.

Clinton continues to claim that she is just a “regular person,” but someone who charters a private plane to take them the distance of 20 miles is far from an average American.

The move also has infuriated some of Clinton’s liberal supporters, as it shows that she doesn’t care about the environment at all.

Clearly, Clinton only cares about the environment when it doesn’t interrupt her own busy schedule.

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