Louisiana Cop Risks Everything To Confront Obama – Destroys Him With THIS

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Last week, Barack Hussein Obama insulted the people of Louisiana by refusing to cut his multi-million dollar Martha’s Vineyard vacation short to rush to the state after it was hit with a massive flood that killed 13 people and left thousands homeless.

On Tuesday, Obama tried to make amends by visiting Baton Rouge for a measly three hours, but many thought this gesture was too little too late.

Louisiana Captain Clay Higgins spoke out after the president’s visit to slam him for his behavior and to praise Donald Trump for his low-profile visit last Friday.

“I think Mr. Trump’s response was completely appropriate. I think it was low profile and compassionate,” Higgins said, according to Right Wing News. “He didn’t present himself as some kind of savior. He just came in, met with the people he needed to meet with and displayed his compassion and concern.”

“Let me put it this way, as the floods were ravaging our state, I was hopeful that Obama might come down here,” the cop added. “However, knowing that he was golfing and not here, was disappointing to me. So then he came today with a well written statement that was prepared by someone else.”

“I don’t believe for one second that the man has it in his heart to communicate compassion and encouragement for the people of South Louisiana,” Higgins continued. “Because if he had that, he would done it last week. He would stepped away from the golf course and had a press conference.”

“If Chicago had been flooded, Obama’s hometown, the media would have covered it on a massive level. And Obama would have been there on day one,” the officer concluded.

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