Hillary’s Own Words Come Back To Haunt Her – She Never Wanted This Leaking…

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton once said that “the American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they’re not.” These words came back to haunt Hillary in a big way when she was not only exposed as a liar, but also as someone who was pretending to be something she isn’t.

According to Right Wing News, Wikileaks just released 67 emails between Hillary and her daughter Chelsea, who was using the fake name “Diane Reynolds.” In one of the emails, Hillary told “Diane” that she was currently sitting in a meeting on Libya waiting for “the other shoe to drop.”


In another email, Hillary told Chelsea that the Benghazi attacks were carried out by an al Qaeda-like group. She later blamed the attack on a Youtube video.

Once again, Hillary Clinton has been exposed as a liar with absolutely no shame. SHARE this story so we can expose her!

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