Malia Obama’s Disturbing Secret Leaks To Press

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Barack and Michelle Obama want Americans to believe that they have the perfect family. Disturbing new reports, however, have exposed them as the bad parents they really are, and it’s had a devastating impact on the life of their oldest daughter Malia.

In the six years her father has been in office, Malia Obama has grown from a quiet child to a young woman with a wild side.

While the Obamas have done their best to keep their two daughters out of the spotlight, 16 year-old Malia started to make headlines this summer with her lavish Hollywood lifestyle.

It all started when the high school student scored a high profile internship on the set of Obama-worshipper Halle Berry’s TV show “Extant.” Malia’s duties included getting coffee and rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite, who of course adore her father.

Though Malia is still underage, she was photographed out and about at Hollywood hotspots. When paparazzi rushed to publish these controversial photos, Michelle Obama immediately blocked them from doing so.

Michelle’s determination to ensure these pictures would never see the light of day has led many to suspect that Malia’s lifestyle was much wilder than the Obama’s would have us believe.

These suspicions were confirmed months later when Malia was spotted at Lollapalooza, a concert that doubles as a drug-fueled rager for America’s youth.

At 16, Malia seemed a bit young to be attending an event where drugs and alcohol are served so prominently. However, her parents didn’t seem to mind as they sent the young girl there without a chaperone.

The situation eventually got out of control when Malia engaged in a physical brawl with a fellow partygoer. While the White House did their best to cover this up, there was clearly a whole lot more to the story that the Obamas definitely don’t want us to know…

The Obamas rewarded their daughter’s reckless behavior by buying Malia a fancy new car for her 16th birthday. This will undoubtedly make it even easier for Malia to rebel against the system and party with her homies!

In Malia’s defense, she did grow up with two of the dumbest and most irresponsible parents around, so it’s not that much of a surprise that she’s turning into a mess.

Over the next two (long) years of her father’s presidency, Malia will graduate high school, turn 18, and potentially start college. Judging from this summer, there’s no telling what wild shenanigans she’ll get up to next!

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