BREAKING: Mainstream Media Caught Trying To Cover Up Massive Terror Attack

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Barack Hussein Obama and his liberal media are constantly trying to make Muslim “refugees” look non-threatening. Now, they’ve resorted to covering up terror attacks all over the world in order to further this agenda.

By covering up these attacks, the media is putting millions of lives at risk.

This video truly brings the threat of Islamic jihadism to Western civilization into perspective.

If we cannot find leaders who are willing to identify and confront this clear and present danger, this cancerous scourge, then we are dooming ourselves today…our future generations tomorrow. This is not about fear-mongering. This is about accepting a reality and ending the insidious ideological and political policy of obfuscation, denial and outright lying.

What difference at this point does it make? Well, it’s about defending the first inalienable right, life. And as President Ronald Reagan responded when asked how he defined victory in the Cold War…”We win, they lose.” It’s just that simple.

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