BREAKING: Malia Obama Caught Partying At DC Nightclub

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Despite the fact that she is only 18 years-old, Malia Obama has spent the summer partying like crazy. The White House has gone into full panic mode after footage of Malia drinking and smoking marijuana went viral earlier this month.

Though the Obamas claimed they put a stop to Malia’s wild ways, what she just did last night proves that she has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Malia Obama was at the 9:30 club last night, a knowledgable source told The Daily Caller.

The 9:30 club is a Washington venue off U Street that hosts live music.


At least one Washington reporter from The Hill caught wind of the news.

Malia Obama, 18, has been in the tabloid news as of late.

At 6’1″ it’s hard to miss her. And she is, arguably, among the most famous daughters in America.

About 10 days ago, reports surfaced that Malia had smoked weed and engaged in twerking at a Lollapolooza festival in Chicago in July. Unfortunately for the first daughter, the incident was caught on an iPhone video.

A source told RadarOnline that President Obama was irate at his daughter and even confronted her about it.

Which seems a little heavy-handed considering Obama included his marijuana and cocaine use in his memoir Dreams of his Father. According to a 2006 NYT report, Obama said he hadn’t tried heroin because he “didn’t like the pusher who was trying to sell it to him.”

“When I was a kid, I inhaled. That was the point,” he told a rapt group of magazine editors.

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