BREAKING: Top Fox News Host May Be FIRED For Supporting Hillary

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Even though Donald Trump-lover Roger Ailes is no longer at Fox News, the network is going full-steam ahead in supporting the GOP presidential nominee. This has come as very bad news for host Megyn Kelly, whose feud with Trump is getting worse by the day.

According to Real Time Politics, rumors are circulating that Fox executives are not happy with Kelly because she constantly criticizes Trump while praising Hillary Clinton. Kelly made things worse for herself by insinuating that she was sexually harassed by Ailes, a figure who many top-level Fox executives are still loyal too.

Most damning of all for Kelly is the embarrassing statistic that her show The Kelly File is quickly falling behind the MSNBC show The Rachel Maddow Show. Fox typically dominates MSNBC in the ratings, but many conservatives have lost faith in Kelly over the past year. Many say that since her feud with Trump began last year, Kelly has been behaving more and more liberal in the hopes of attracting a more mainstream audience.

Some have even said that Kelly herself is hoping to leave Fox when her contract expires at the end of the year in the hopes of joining a more liberal network.

Sources with Fox have also confirmed that the relationship between Kelly and fellow host Bill O’Reilly is so bad that the network may not be able to keep them both. One former executive told Vanity Fair that in order to keep both Kelly and O’Reilly with the same network, “you’d have to have the world’s greatest interventional therapist to come and sit down with them both.”

If it comes down to choosing between a legendary host like O’Reilly and an increasingly liberal Kelly, it seems obvious what Fox’s choice would be.

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