Humiliating Secret From Michelle Obama’s Past Leaks

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Michelle Obama fancies herself to be one of the smartest people in America. That’s why it came as particularly humiliating to her when a secret from her past recently leaked proving she isn’t nearly as intelligent as she thinks she is.

According to Lean Sheets, Michelle Obama failed her first attempt to pass the Illinois bar exam. It’s almost unheard of for a Harvard Law graduate to fail the bar, but Michelle wasn’t able to pass it until her second try. It was only after she finally passed the test that she was able to get a job at the law firm of Sidley Austin as an associate.

This revelation came just after Donald Trump took to Twitter to point out that Hillary Clinton also failed to pass the bar exam in Washington D.C.

Does anyone know that Crooked Hillary, who tried so hard, was unable to pass the Bar Exams in Washington D.C. She was forced to go elsewhere,” Trump wrote, according to Daily Mail. “Crooked Hillary’s brainpower is highly overrated.Probably why her decision making is so bad or, as stated by Bernie S, she has BAD JUDGEMENT.”

Though Clinton passed the bar in Arkansas in 1973, she failed the test in Washington D.C. She was so humiliated by the failure that she never attempted to take the test in the city again. Former Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein wrote in his biography of Clinton that of the 817 people who took the bar exam in D.C. in 1973, 551 of them passed.

“For the first time in her life, she had flamed out – spectacularly,” he wrote, “given the expectations of others for her, and even more so on her own.”

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton are two women who like to act like they are better than the average American because of their intelligence. Clearly, they were lying about this just like they do about everything else in their lives!

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