Tiffany Trump Just Outclassed Malia Obama In A BIG Way

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Over the last few months, millions of Americans have been shocked and appalled by the behavior of 18 year-old Malia Obama, who has spent the summer partying away as she was caught on camera multiple times drinking and taking drugs. Donald Trump’s daughter Tiffany, however, has been busy showing the world what a true first daughter should be behaving like.

Malia and Tiffany are each at a crossroads in life. Malia graduated from high school in June, weeks after Tiffany, 22, graduated from college at the elite University of Pennsylvania. Despite the fact that they both just graduated, Malia and Tiffany have celebrated this milestone in different ways.

While Malia has used this as an excuse to party non-stop with her friends, Tiffany immediately started hitting the books after graduation as she prepared for her future. According to Daily Mail, Tiffany revealed on  Instagram last weekend that she is preparing for the Law School Admission Test by sharing a photo of her LSAT study books and practice tests.


The photo included a Bitmoji avatar of Tiffany, along with the words “I Got This” plastered over her textbooks.

When she wasn’t studying, Tiffany chose not to partake in illegal activities like Malia does. Instead, she spent quality time with her mother, Marla Maples, and her younger half-sister Danielle Maples at a family bridal shower.


“#MomsandDaughters celebrating #love w/a bridal shower 4 my lil sis @daniellenmaples w/ her momma Deena and @tiffanytrump [sic],” she captioned the image.

Liberals have tried to use Malia’s age as an excuse for her hard-partying ways, yet Tiffany has never been caught on video taking drugs or drinking alcohol underage. Instead, she has outclassed Malia once again by showing us what a true first daughter should be like.

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