Obama Tries To Take Sheriff Joe Down – It Backfires In A BIG Way

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Earlier this week, it was reported that Barack Obama’s Department of Justice was trying to make it as difficult as possible for Sheriff Joe Arpaio to win his reelection primary in Maricopa County on Tuesday.

Liberals were hoping to take Arpaio down because the 84 year-old is a proud Trump-supporter who has never been afraid to speak the truth about Obama. Unfortunately for Obama and his minions, however, their efforts to destroy Arpaio’s career just failed miserably.

According to Conservative Tribune, Arpaio won the Maricopa County Republican primary election on Tuesday, meaning he gets to run for his seventh term in office this November. LifeZette reported that Arpaio won 66% of the vote in the primary that was between him and three other challengers. This came just two weeks after federal Judge G. Murray Snow submitted to Obama by recommending the sheriff be charged with criminal contempt for his alleged failure to implement anti-profiling measures.

“Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Deputy Sheridan have a history of obfuscation and subversion of this Court’s orders that is as old as this case and did not stop after they themselves became the subjects of civil contempt,” the judge wrote at the time.

Though demands that Arpaio resign have come in, his lawyer Mel McDonald said he has no intention of complying.

“Very simply, he’s not going to resign and he’s not going to accept a plea agreement to something he didn’t do,” she told reporters Monday, adding that she had given the judge “court page after page after page” proving that the sheriff does not engage in racial profiling.

We’re glad that the witch hunt to take Arpaio down was completely unsuccessful. SHARE this story if you stand with him against Obama!

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