Welfare Queen Runs Over Police Officer With Car, Then Gets A NASTY Surprise

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Ever since Barack Obama publicly turned his back on American police officers earlier this year, attacks against cops in this country have increased at an alarming rate.

This past Saturday, a Georgia police officer was brutally attacked by a woman during a routine traffic stop. WSBTV reported that it all started when Statham police Officer Marc Lofton pulled over Jessica Fox, 28, for speeding, only to realize that she had an outstanding warrant out for her arrest.

When Fox realized that Lofton knew who she was, she immediately tried to get away. Dashcam footage shows her put her car in gear and drive off, dragging Lofton for several yards and running over both his legs.

“I wasn’t sure she ran over this leg. I knew for sure she ran over this leg, because I felt it and I heard thump, thump, oh, that’s my leg,” Lofton recounted.

The officer was finally able to get up and call for help. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated for a torn Achilles tendon and a concussion.

Police eventually caught up to Fox and arrested her Tuesday morning.

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“It felt great. I felt very, very relieved that she was caught because, you know, if she’ll do this to a police officer, think of what she’ll do to a normal person,” he said.

Lofton feels like he’s ready to get back to work, but Statham Police Chief Allan Johnson wants him to take some time off to rest. The police chief spoke out to praise Lofton for how he handled the situation.

“When I first saw it, it made me sick to my stomach, because I knew how bad it could’ve been,” he said of the video.

Lofton is giving all the credit for his survival to God.

“I know God was with me and that’s how it was supposed to happen, because I probably should’ve been dead and I wasn’t. It wasn’t my time. It wasn’t her time. Like I say, I owe everything to (God),” Lofton said.

God bless ALL American police officers!

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