BREAKING: Major Arrest Rocks Clinton Campaign – Facing 10 Years In Jail

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Even though it’s illegal in the United States for foreign countries to try to influence the outcome of elections by funding candidates, Saudi Arabia claims to have donated 20 percent of the total funding to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

According to The Gateway Pundit, that’s why it came as bad news this week for Hillary when a Saudi man was sentenced to ten years in prison and 2,000 lashes for expressing his atheism on Twitter. The 28 year-old refused to apologize in court, saying what he wrote reflected his beliefs and that he had the right to express them.

The Islamic state’s religious police that monitors social media networks found more than 600 tweets denying the existence of God, ridiculing Koranic verses, accusing all prophets of lies and saying their teaching fuelled hostilities. He was also fined £4,000 and was sentenced under a controversial law that defines atheism as “terrorism.”

This oppressive nation is the country Hillary has chosen to align herself with. If she becomes president, we wouldn’t be surprised if she immediately starts restricting our rights like the Saudis…

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