BREAKING: Michelle Obama Suffers HUMILIATING Weight Gain

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It’s been a stressful summer for the Obama family, as Malia Obama has been caught drinking and smoking marijuana on multiple occasions. The indiscretions of the 18 year-old have reportedly hit Michelle Obama especially hard, and sources say she has turned to food for comfort in this difficult time.

According to Radar Online, sources close to the first lady have confirmed that Michelle is set to leave the White House 95 pounds heavier than she was when she entered it. Though she has been steadily gaining weight in the past seven years from the stress of being in the public eye, she has ballooned in the past year as she lost control of her eldest daughter.

When she entered the White House, Michelle weighed a respectable 162 pounds.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.35.20 PM

Shockingly, the self-proclaimed diet and exercise guru is about to leave the White House at 257 pounds, a whopping 95 pound gain.


Clearly, Michelle hasn’t been taking her own fitness advice. C’mon, girl, LET’S MOVE!

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