Researchers Discover Biblical ‘Code’ Hidden In Sistine Chapel – Atheists Eating Their Words…

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Scientists think they have found a hidden code in Renaissance artist Michelangelo’s famous fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and if they’re right, it could change the way the painting is seen forever.

According to Conservative Tribune, experts are now saying that hidden within numerous images that adorn the ceiling were shapes that resemble female sexual organs. The images include ram skulls positioned at regular intervals around the ceiling. U.K. Daily Mail reported that the skulls resemble uterus, ovaries and Fallopian tubes.


Researchers also are saying that Eve’s arms are situated at the very center of the ceiling with her elbow bent and positioned in a “V” shape. Experts say it resembles a chalice or vessel, a notorious pagan symbol for fertility.


Dr. Deivis de Campos, a researcher in human anatomy at the Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre in Brazil, hypothesizes that Michelangelo included the symbols of the female and fertility as a way of rejecting the Catholic Church‘s strict religious decrees against representations of human anatomy.

In the journal Clinical Anatomy, de Campos wrote that Michelangelo may have been trying to make the statement that “it is the mother who keeps the faith and family descendancy alive.” He added that the legendary artist was a “devotee of the simplicity and perfection of ancient pagan Greco-Roman art,” and therefore “idolized all the teachings associated with the sacred feminine.”

He went on to say that Michelangelo hid these symbols for a good reason.

“In Michelangelo’s time, the dissection of cadavers was severely repressed by the Catholic Church as the human body was considered a divine mystery,” de Campos’ colleagues explained. “In times of intolerance and religious persecution, art almost never dared to openly express what the artist was eager to communicate.”

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