BREAKING: Malia Obama Caught On Camera With A BONG

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Barack and Michelle Obama have completely lost control of their daughter Malia this summer, as the 18 year-old has been partying like crazy and been caught drinking and smoking marijuana on camera.

Though the Obamas claimed to have cracked down on their daughter, it’s clear that she has no intention of slowing down on the partying anytime soon.

Perez Hilton reported that a photo surfaced this week of Malia at a house party in Philadelphia. A bong, which is used to smoke marijuana, can clearly be seen near Malia in the photo. Making matters worse, Malia is wearing a shirt that says “Smoking Kills” across it.


This comes weeks after a video went viral showing Malia smoking marijuana at the drug-fueled concert Lollapalooza.

Clearly, this girl is completely out of control. For the last seven years, the Obamas have spent much of their time telling Americans how to raise their children. Maybe they should focus on their own more instead!

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