Loretta Lynn Makes Heartbreaking Announcement – Please Send Prayers

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Fans are praying for country music legend Loretta Lynn this week after the 84 year-old icon suffered a fall that was so bad that she had to cancel her Labor Day weekend concert.

According to Taste of Country, Lynn was scheduled to perform at her Tennessee ranch in Hurricane Hills, Tennessee on Saturday with her sister, Crystal Gayle. Lynn performs a special Labor Day show at her ranch every year, but when fans showed up on Saturday they were told at the gate that Lynn had been injured in a fall earlier in the week and would be unable to perform.

Gayle ended up performing without her sister along with Lynn’s twin daughters, Peggy and Patsy. Gale read a letter from Lynn to her fans that read, “I thank you all for coming, and I’m sorry I can’t be there with you. I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up. I injured my chest and can’t get a deep enough breath to sing, but I’ll update you Monday [Sept. 5] after I see the doctor.”

Lynn was joking about not being able to get up, as she had just received a pain shot. Though she has not yet given an update on her condition, her event calendar on her site lists her next scheduled concert on Sept. 9 in Kentucky.

At 84, any fall is a serious one, so we are praying Lynn is able to recover soon and get back to performing!

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