New Luxury Airplane Lands – Staff HORRIFIED To See What Muslims Left Behind…

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Saudi Arabian Airlines┬árecently announced their new luxury Airbus A330-300 Regional which includes cushy, comfy seats and a wide variety of other amenities. Though most of the passengers loved the plane on it’s recent first flight, not everyone was so high on it…

According to Mad World News, a group of Muslim passengers disrespected the plane in the worst way by not waiting for the flight attendants to┬ácome around with garbage bags. Instead, they threw their trash all over the floor. However, this was nothing compared to what they did to the bathrooms…

Muslims urinated and defecated all over the bathroom, which was seen on camera to be full of urine and feces. Towels were placed at the bottom of the bathroom door to keep the disgusting smell inside.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.48.26 PM

Some Muslims even squatted in the corner of the bathroom to defecate. The feces and urine eventually leaked out of the bathroom and into the cabin, making it even more disgusting.

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