Bill Clinton Rape Victim Breaks Her Silence – Reveals Hillary’s Darkest Secret

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Twenty years ago, Kathleen Willey was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton while she was working in the White House. Now, she has finally broken her silence to reveal a dark secret from Hillary Clinton’s past that she never wanted anyone to know about.

While talking to “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” (via Breitbart) this past weekend, Willey revealed that she overheard a conversation in which White House staff instructed Hillary to use the defense that she couldn’t recall if she was ever asked by investigators about details or events involving scandals.

This is particularly damning for Hillary right now, since she recently claimed that she couldn’t recall a number of things regarding her mishandling of classified information during her deposition with the FBI, including whether she had received training on State Department security protocol.

Conservative Tribune reported that Willey said that the exchange she hear happened in 1994, when she was working in the office of White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum. The Clintons were involved in a number of high profile scandals, including Whitewater, Filegate and Travelgate, at the time. She said that Nussbaum was so annoyed with the answers Hillary was giving investigators that he yelled at her, ordering her to tell investigators that she remembered nothing.

““The first time I heard it I thought it, wow! And I heard Bernie Nussbaum talking extremely very loudly.,” Willey said. “To Hillary. And basically said, ‘For Christ’s sake, Hillary. All you have to say is you don’t recall. You don’t remember anything. Nobody can argue with that.’”

Hillary really took this advice and ran with it. The Washington Post reported that when she testified before the FBI in July, there were more than three dozen things she couldn’t recall about her email account.

In her recent interview, Willey said that “if you look at this and if you look at all the testimony, the grand jury testimony, all of this stuff that was being revealed like what we are looking at now. All of the FBI files. This is their modus operandi. This is what they do.”

“So when I read all of this on Friday and all this past weekend and I heard, ‘I don’t recall, I don’t remember, I don’t remember this.’ You know I just thought to myself this is just never going to change. It is just never going to change. It is what they do,” she added.

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