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Liberal atheists are constantly claiming that the Bible is full of made up stories. What was just discovered by archaeologists in Israel, however, proves the book was actually real.

According to Mad World News, researchers believe that they have just discovered the famous palace of King Solomon in Gezer, Israel. The landmark was found by Tandy Museum of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from Fort Worth, Texas. Though there’s no way to know for sure, the site has been named “Solomon’s Palace” and it is now being offered as proof that the Bible is based on actual history.


The excavation area was full of Philistine pottery, which adds credence to the biblical theories about the palace, since the Philistines controlled the area until the Pharaoh of Egypt gifted the land to Solomon’s wife. Solomon then rebuilt the city and erected what is believed to be a palace in the area.

Since the excavated area was much larger than the size of normal houses of the time, it suggests it was home to someone of great importance.


The research team also found evidence of destruction within the rooms in the complex. They believe this could be associated with the Shishak invasion in 925 BCE, when the Pharaoh launched an invasion of Israel and Judah. This invasion was described in the Old Testament.

Once again, atheists have been proven categorically wrong. What do you think about this find? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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