Vlademir Putin Just Disrespected Hillary Clinton In An EPIC Way

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Hillary Clinton is constantly talking about how “friendly” she is with Vladimir Putin and his country of Russia. GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, however, just made it clear that this is not the case at all.

“Hillary likes to play tough with Russia,” Trump said, according to Business Insider. “Putin looks at her and he laughs, OK. He laughs. Putin looks at Hillary Clinton and he smiles.”

“Boy, would he like to see her,” Trump added. “That would be easy. Just look at her decisions. Look how bad her decisions have been. Virtually every decision she’s made has been a loser.”

Trump went on to mock Clinton for what she said about staying strong in the face of a rising Russia.

“She tries to do the tough talk and then she leaves,” Trump said.

According to American News, the Republican presidential nominee pushed back against the FBI’s decision to not charge Clinton, saying “we’re like a third-world country” and arguing Clinton “is a disaster in so many different ways.”

While speaking to an audience made up of military members, Trump promised to defeat the Islamic State, address the crisis at VA medical facilities around the nation, block Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees, and change the nuclear agreement with Iran. He called the existing agreement with Iran “one of the dumbest deals I’ve ever seen.”

“This is one of the most dangerous times we’ve ever had,” Trump said.

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