Navy Veteran Confronts Hillary – SILENCES Her With One Question

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Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each took the stage separately last night at the Commander-in-Chief Forum hosted by NBC News and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. There, each of them were questioned about national security, military affairs and veterans issues by host Matt Lauer and the audience, which was made up mostly by members of the military.

According to Allen B. West, Clinton quickly went into panic mode when a veteran of the Navy asked her how anyone who’s entrusted with America’s most sensitive information can have any confidence in her when she clearly corrupted our national security. He went on to tell her that anyone else would have been prosecuted for the crimes she committed.

The anger on Clinton’s face is easy to see. She was (barely) able to hold her temper, but she offered the veteran a sickeningly condescending response.

Last night, Clinton made it clear that like Barack Obama, she has no respect for the US military. SHARE if this makes you SICK!

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