Something Very Disturbing Happened During Hillary’s First Press Conference In 278 Days – Watch Closely…

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Hillary Clinton gave her first press conference in 278 days on Thursday, but viewers immediately noticed something was missing from the proceedings.

According to The Hill, Clinton was never asked about her controversial private email server or her family’s foundation during the press conference, which was held on the tarmac in White Plains, N.Y., on a podium in front of her airplane. During the 15 minute event, Clinton was asked six questions about tightening polls in the presidential race and whether she believed she was being treated differently in the race because she is a woman.

In addition, she was asked about the comments Trump made on Wednesday night at a military and veterans forum broadcast that was televised on MSNBC.

Reporters had been begging Clinton for months to hold a press conference so that they could ask her about various issues, but this one was a complete dud.

During Wednesday’s forum, when she was asked about her email forum, Clinton repeated that the Department of Justice found no evidence that her email had been hacked and that she did not knowingly send classified information over her private email.

The fact that she wasn’t even asked about her email server at the press conference shows once again that the media is doing everything they can to rig the election for Hillary Clinton. SHARE if this makes you SICK!

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