87 Year-Old Navy Veteran ASSAULTED By Welfare Queen – The Reason Why Is Horrifying

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Police are still looking for a woman who mugged and attacked a navy veteran and cancer survivor this past Monday.

According to American News, 87-year-old James Gregg thought the woman was his friend, so when she called asking for money, he wanted to help her out.

“I thought I’d help with a few dollars,” Gregg told reporters. “I had $20 in one hand, I had $10 or $20 in the other hand in case she said, ‘I got to have more.’”

However, when Gregg to give her some of the cash, the woman demanded he hand over all of it. She then cut him by dragging her fingernails down his elderly arms.

“My hand was bleeding so bad, they worked on my hand probably at least two, three hours of pain,” Gregg recalled. “It was all pain.”

The freeloading woman shoved Gregg into his house, knocking him down.

“She knocked me backwards,” Gregg stated. “I reach for the telephone, she threw my phone.”

The veteran is now in an arm cast, but it’s the emotional pain that hurts him the most.

“I just felt like I’d been betrayed and I should never—I’m an old naïve man, I guess,” he lamented.

The woman has been identified by police as 25-year-old Ci Ci Smith. SHARE if you think she should be in PRISON!

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