Hillary Arrives At Airport In Van, Then Does Something VERY Suspicious…

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A video was released yesterday showing Hillary Clinton do something very odd when she arrived at the airport in a van before her press conference.

Mad World News reported that the video begins with Secret Service agents waiting for Hillary to exit the van, but then there appears to be a problem. This went on for about two minutes, and reporters were heard mumbling “Why’s it taking so long?”

Suddenly, Hillary’s mystery handler/doctor jumped quickly out of the passenger seat and ran around to the other side of the van, which was out of view of the public. Seconds later, Hillary appeared from the other side of the van around the rear, with her handler following closely behind.

It was obvious that Hillary’s plan changed, and she wanted to exit the van away from the public eye for some reason. She knows she can’t afford any more health-related screw-ups, which could be why she left the van in such an odd way.

Do you think Hillary Clinton is hiding something about her health? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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