Liberals Slam Trump For Military Forum – Ret. Lt. General SILENCES Them With THIS

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During NBC’s Commander in Chief Forum Wednesday night, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump made a comment about the status of our nation’s current military leadership that has of course been taken out of context by the Democrats and the liberal media.

According to Conservative Tribune, Trump was speaking about the military’s fight against the Islamic State group under the “leadership” of President Barack Obama, Trump stated that “the generals have been reduced to rubble.” The mainstream media has tried to make this comment look like a broad attack on the U.S. military, but Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn went on live television Thursday morning to say that Trump’s assertion was “absolutely right.”

“He’s absolutely right. There’s a severe disconnect between this White House and frankly the president and our military,” Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said on Fox & Friends. “I mean, there’s a lot of frustration within the ranks, and there’s a lot of frustration, I know, in the senior leadership about what we’re not able to do.”

Flynn went on to say that Trump was not attacking the generals, but instead the constraints inflicted upon them by the Obama administration that have resulted in the current unwinnable strategy being employed against the jihadist army.

“I mean, there’s no enemy that’s unbeatable. And what we have right now, is we have over four-and-a-half, five years of fighting ISIS now as though they’re some unbeatable enemy. There’s, again, an enormous frustration,” Flynn said.

“Donald Trump has enormous respect for our military, for our military leaders, and he also said last night for our intelligence professionals,” he added. “I know I have been in a couple of these intelligence briefings that have been in stark contrast to the policy decisions we are seeing coming out of this White House. So this is a very dangerous time.”

This came after Trump said that within 30 days of taking office, he would have U.S. military leaders present him with a plan for destroying ISIS, that has only become stronger under Obama’s watch.

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