Obama Just Did Something DESPICABLE At Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

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Barack Hussein Obama has never made a secret of the fact that he has no respect for 9/11 and those affected by the tragedy. However, even we didn’t think he’d stoop this low in disrespecting 9/11 victims…

According to Daily Caller, a moment of silence for 9/11 Pentagon victims began early because Obama impatiently wanted to get it over with. This was confirmed by a source close to the situation, who said Obama arrived early to the memorial service at the Pentagon and was in a rush to get it started. A Department of Defense official confirmed that the moment of silence was moved up a few minutes, and that it was Obama who insisted on making this move.

The moment of silence was originally scheduled to take place at 9:37 AM, the time at which the Pentagon was attacked on September 11, but Obama made sure it took place earlier than that. He then made a rushed speech about honoring 9/11 victims, a laughable assertion coming from him.

“The question before us, as always, is: How do we preserve the legacy of those we lost? How do we live up to their example? And how do we keep their spirit alive in our own hearts?” the president said. “We resolve to continue doing everything in our power to protect this country that we love. And today, we once again pay tribute to these patriots, both military and civilian, who serve in our name, including those far away from home in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

“Perhaps most of all, we stay true to the spirit of this day by defending not only our country, but also our ideals,” he said. “Fifteen years into this fight, the threat has evolved. With our stronger defenses, terrorists often attempt attacks on a smaller, but still deadly, scale. Hateful ideologies urge people in their own country to commit unspeakable violence. We’ve mourned the loss of innocents from Boston to San Bernardino to Orlando.”

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