Malia Obama Caught Playing BEER PONG Underage

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Ever since she graduated from high school in June, Malia Obama has spent the summer partying like there’s no tomorrow.

The 18 year-old first daughter has been caught on camera drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana at parties all over the world. Though the Obamas recently claimed that they had calmed their daughter down, a bombshell new photo has proven that she’s still as wild as ever.

According to Daily Mail, a photo has surfaced of Malia playing beer pong with a group of young people at a Maryland party last month. She was seen wearing a midriff-baring baseball tee and pair of cut off jean shorts as she looked directly at a fellow partygoer’s phone in the photograph.

On Malia’s left, a young man can be seen holding a can of beer in one hand while picking up one of the many plastic cups on the table, which was strewn with cans of Natural Light, Bud Light and Miller Lite.

Though Malia was not seen drinking alcohol in the photo, it’s clear that she likely was given the context of the image.

Michelle Obama’s press office has refused to comment on the photo.

The picture was taken days after Malia and her family returned from their vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, where Barack supposedly laid down the law on his daughter and told her that she would be punished if she did not quit partying so hard. Clearly, like millions of other Americans, Malia knows Barack never follows through on his threats or promises…

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