BREAKING: Democrats Confirm Replacement For Hillary

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Last weekend, Hillary Clinton’s campaign claimed that the Democratic presidential candidate is suffering from pneumonia after she collapsed while leaving the 9/11 memorial in New York City. Ever since then, the DNC has been holding emergency meetings to try and find a replacement for Clinton should she not be fit to continue to the race.

Now, they have finally come to a decision as to who her replacement would be…

Roughly 48 percent of respondents in a recent poll named socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as their choice to succeed Hillary Clinton as the Democrat presidential nominee should she be unable to continue campaigning.

Much to the dismay of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her supporters in the liberal media, and despite their best efforts to cover it up,Clinton’s health issues have come front and center in the public eye recently.

Perhaps even more disconcerting to Clinton and her minions was that the conversation regarding her health has forced Democrats to begin wondering aloud about various “what if?” and “who else?” game plans related to the possibility that Clinton could ultimately be unable to continue her campaign all the way to Election Day.

The speculation about who Democrats might chose to take Clinton’s place in the race recently prompted a Rasmussen poll of likely Democrat voters to find just that — and who they picked should be no surprise to anyone who followed the Democrat primary season.

Sanders was followed in the poll by 22 percent who chose Vice President Joe Biden, 14 percent who suggested Clinton running mate Tim Kaine and 9 percent who wanted to see an unnamed “someone else.”

When the question was posed to all likely voters, including Republicans and independents, Sanders still won out with 36 percent. He was again followed by Biden and Kaine at 20 percent and 14 percent respectively, with a full 21 percent again choosing “someone else.”

As to the media coverage of Clinton’s recent “medical episode” that was caught on camera, some 46 percent of likely voters thought there had been too much coverage of her health, with 28 percent saying there hasn’t been enough. Only 21 percent thought the coverage had been just right.

Broken down along party lines, an unsurprising 63 percent of Democrats thought there was too much media coverage of Clinton’s health problems. Only about 35 percent of Republicans and 39 percent of independent voters agreed with that assessment.

Nearly all voters thought that a candidate’s health was an issue worth checking out, but a majority of Democrats balked at the prospect of further investigation Clinton’s well-being.

As to those likely voters who thought Sanders would be the best choice to replace Clinton as the nominee, most of his support came from voters under 40, as well as from black and other minority voters.

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