Bill Maher and Trump’s Campaign Manager Go Head To Head

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Donald Trump’s new campaign manager has made waves in the media as of late. Some love her and some hate her. However, she has been getting coverage for her no nonsense and at times confrontational approach to interviews. Kellyanne Conway appeared on Bill Maher to discuss the presidential election where he confronted her about this. See what went down here.

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Maher contended that she was able to tame Donald Trump unlike others and asked how she did it. She responded,

“Well I don’t see it that way. Look, I walk into the campaign at Trump Tower every day and I’m quickly reminded that Donald Trump did very well for himself long before I arrived. I just feel like every leader needs the right environment, the right players around them for them to be them. And he’s out their showcasing his generosity, I think his great sense of humor, his love of the country and the people, and you know Bill, hold on.”

Maher and some of the audience begin to laugh at her a bit while she talks and he interjects condescendingly that she is very good at what she does and that he is verklempt at her success. She told him that Trump encouraged her to do the show and said to say hello. To which the audience and Maher laughed exuberantly. Conway said,

This guy is an outsider, a disrupted, a change maker, and he’s not running for the reason that many people run in politics which is, ‘it’s my turn I’m next in line, I want money, fame, status, power’, he already had all of that. And he an his family are making tremendous sacrifices just to do this.”

Maher told Conway that he doesn’t have to respect all the people to which he doesn’t. Maintaining that he agrees with Clinton’s statements that many of his supporters are deplorable. When Conway stated that all Clinton’s platform is is anti-Trump Maher retorted laughingly that if she were running against Donald Trump her message would be anti-Trump too.

He had to cut her off from the topic because they had a short period of time and he joked that they had to move on because they don’t have enough time in the one hour to go through all his lies.

What do you think? Comment below. Was Maher to harsh or was it all in jest between two old friends?

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