Clinton Foundation Caught By The IRS Spending Only THIS Much On Charitable Grants

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The Clinton Foundation is known for their shady dealings. Now a new development has shown that out of its extraordinarily large 2014 budget only 5.7 percent of its revenue went to actual charitable grants. This is all according to the tax exempt organizations IRS filings from April of that year. All of the remaining money was used for the purposes of salaries, employee benefits, fundraising, as well as other expenses.

In 2014 the foundation spent $91.3 million, however, less than $5.2 million were used for the charitable grants. Which means that $34.8 million was spent on salaries, compensation and employee benefits. $50.4 million was earmarked for the purposes of other expenses. $851,000 was labeled as professional fundraising expenses.

Between 2013 and 2014 the foundation spent 40 percent less on charitable grants than it had the previous year. Which is notably less. Meanwhile salaries, benefits and compensation were increased significantly.

Sean Davis of the Federalist reported,

the bulk of the charitable work lauded by the Clinton Foundation’s boosters — the distribution of drugs to impoverished people in developing countries — is no longer even performed by the Clinton Foundation. Those activities were spun off in 2010 and are now managed by the Clinton Health Access Initiative, a completely separate non-profit organization.”

The IRS investigated the foundation in July after House Republicans called for it. They referenced the foundation as a lawless, pay to play, enterprise with nefarious dealings. That description is not inaccurate. Clinton herself has still refused to say she will step down from her responsibilities with the foundation should she win the election. At this point she is not even hiding her blatant corruption.

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