Liberals Enraged By Trump’s Likability On Jimmy Fallon

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All over social media liberals are enraged over the republican presidential nominees perceived likability after his NBC The Tonight Show appearance on Thursday. He partook in a two part interview with host of the night Jimmy Fallon where he encouraged young Americans to work to become President in order to help people.

He noted that having a positive relationship with superpowers such as Russia is incredibly important as well as a good thing. People are saying the interview went extraordinarily well. Trump received a lot of cheer and applause during the segment. However, Fallon was slammed on social media by liberals who felt that he was giving legitimacy to the nominees campaign and doing a disservice by humanizing a demagogue.

Watch Donald Trump’s Jimmy Fallon appearance here,

Fallon asked Trump if he could play with his hair for which he got a lot of enthusiasm from the audience. The video of him messing with it went viral and has been viewed millions of times. Since their was nothing of substance to complain about liberals went to Twitter to express their disgust over Trump’s “personable” appearance.

Look at some people’s responses here,

On September 19th Hillary Clinton will be appearing on his show too.

Watch some more clips of his appearance here,

In all fairness, Jimmy Fallon was in an untenable situation. If he refuses to bring Donald Trump on his show he might be labeled as biased by the Trump campaign or conservatives for being willing to bring on liberals but not conservatives. If he does bring him on he gets flack for humanizing Trump whose long been labeled a xenophobe. It’s a lose lose situation for him.

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