Trump Just Got THIS Important Endorsement

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At a press conference meant to address Birther theory allegations Donald Trump instead touted the support he has from Medal of Honor recipients from the military. Now, the countries largest police union, the Fraternal Order of Police, has backed Donald Trump’s presidency and praised his commitment to law enforcement. This is likely due to the fact that Democrat’s are in the pocket of the Black Lives Matter movement which is notably anti-police. Thus, getting law enforcement endorsements for them is like finding ice in hell.

The FOP’s president Chuck Canterbury made a statement saying,

“[Trump] has seriously looked at the issues facing law enforcement today. He understands and supports our priorities and our members believe he will make America safe again. He’s made a real commitment to America’s law enforcement and we’re proud to make a commitment to him and his campaign by endorsing his candidacy today.”

Trump has made law and order a big part of his campaign so it is no wonder he got this endorsement. Back in May Trump has met with leaders from the Fraternal Order of Police at Trump Tower. Shortly thereafter the businessman also stopped at local union chapters while on the busy campaign trail.

In North Carolina Trump told one chapter,

I’m on your side 1,000 percent. What you do is incredible.”

While Hillary Clinton receives endorsements from the wealthy elite and career politicians Donald Trump is receiving endorsements from the real working class people of America. Love him or hate him but middle class America loves him.

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