BREAKING: Obama Is SUBPOENAED – Will Have To Answer For THIS In Court

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Barack Hussein Obama has been doing everything he can in the last few months to ensure that Hillary Clinton will get elected president. This is because he knows that Donald Trump will immediately destroy all his ridiculous policies if he makes it to the White House.

That’s why it came as very bad news to him this week when multiple government agencies of his were subpoenaed to answer some questions about Hillary Clinton that may put her in jail.

Earlier this year, government agencies seemed to go above and beyond to make sure that Hillary Clinton was not indicted for her “careless” use of a private email server to discuss classified information.

Now, it appears that those who assisted her in this scandal are finally going to see justice for what they did.

Spokespersons for the Department of Justice, State Department, FBI, Department of National Intelligence, The CIA, The Geospatial Intelligence Agency, and the NSA are reportedly facing the Oversight and Government Reform Committee this week.

Group members will also be forced to explain their reluctance to share key details of Hillary Clinton’s endangerment of U.S. National Security.

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