Hillary Panicking After HUMILIATING Footage Leaks Of New Rally – Watch Closely…

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Ever since she collapsed outside of the 9/11 due to pneumonia complications last week, Hillary Clinton has seen a dramatic decrease in her support among American voters as millions have lost faith in her ability to handle the stresses of being president.

Now back on the campaign trail, Clinton is desperately trying to make it look like she still has the support that she once commanded. However, what one astute reporter just noticed at a recent rally proved that this could not be further from the truth…

An intrepid reporter noticed something really bizarre about footage of a Hillary Clinton rally. You have to look really hard, but once you see it really shocks. Is it possible Hillary is manipulating the size and scope of her crowds? And is the media complicit?

I’m not quite sure I see it. But it wouldn’t shock me for Hillary to be engaged in some shady manipulation to make her rallies seem busy than they are. After all, she can’t beat the size and enthusiasm of Trump rallies as it is.

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