BREAKING: Trump Takes The Lead Over Hillary

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Ever since she collapsed while leaving the 9/11 memorial in New York City last week, Hillary Clinton has seen her polling numbers plummet as millions of voters have lost faith in her. Now, Donald Trump has taken a massive lead over Clinton that is sure to send her campaign into panic mode.

Breitbart reported that an LA Times tracking poll has Trump at 47.8 percent support, a record high for him. In contrast, Clinton has fallen to 41.1 percent support, meaning she is 6.7 points behind the GOP presidential nominee.

Clinton’s numbers have continued to drop despite her triumphant return to the race as many Americans have lost all trust in her following her decision to hide her pneumonia diagnosis from the public. Clinton had spent the weeks prior to her collapse vehemently denying Trump’s claims that she was seriously ill, so when she admitted that she had pneumonia, she was exposed as a liar in front of the entire world.

Things got even worse for Clinton this week when Trump exposed her as the source of the birther controversy that has plagued Barack Obama throughout his presidency. Though Clinton claimed that Trump had originated allegations that Obama was not born in the United States, the GOP presidential nominee reminded Americans that it was actually Clinton who originated these claims during the bitter election in 2008.

In recent days, voters have seen how both Clinton and Trump deal with terror attacks on the United States after bombs were detonated by ISIS in New York City. While Clinton stayed quiet and timid about the attacks, Trump immediately spoke out and called for action. He is the kind of strong leader we need right now to get us through the dark times ahead.

We’re glad to see that the majority of voters are finally seeing that Hillary Clinton is a shameless liar. SHARE this story if you stand by Trump!

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