Damning Obama Documents Leak – Here’s His Admin. Positions That Are FOR SALE

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Barack Hussein Obama has always claimed that he chooses the people who serve him in his administration based on their competence. However, a series of documents just leaked that have proven that this could not be further from the truth.

A Reddit user was fed up with the president’s selling of positions, so he put together a list of President Obama’s biggest donors in 2008. He then added in the positions they were appointed to fill in the Obama administration, and the results were shocking. Conservative Tribune reported that the list was compiled using a new batch of Democratic National Committee documents released by WikiLeaks.

Matthew Barzun, who was Obama’s biggest donor, was first appointed as ambassador to Sweden and then the United Kingdom, one of our closest allies. This is particularly odd since Barzun had no experience in diplomacy. Instead, he was a business executive at CNET Networks and helped the Obama campaign with small-dollar fundraisers. 

Obama’s second largest donor was Julius Genachowski, and he was awarded the position of chairman of the Federal Communications Commission. Genachowski had served as chief counsel for the FCC during the Clinton administration, so the appointment makes a little more sense than that of Barzun, but it still seems a bit shady.

The third largest donor to Obama was Frank Sanchez, and he went on to become Obama’s undersecretary of commerce. Sanchez’s Wikipedia page, a site whose accuracy is often questionable at most, states, “Sanchez has over 15 years experience working with several leading consulting companies on projects involving negotiation strategy, alliance management, labor management negotiations, facilitation and training. Among his private sector achievements, Sanchez directed a team in Medelin, Columbia (sic), as part of the ‘Teaching Tolerance’ program.”

The funny thing about this page is that though it appears to have been written by Sanzhez’s own team, it offers no concrete achievement that would lead to his nomination (Not to mention “Colombia” being misspelled.)

And that’s only the top three…Here’s the full list, as compiled by The Gateway Pundit:


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