New Documentary Could DESTROY Hillary’s Presidential Chances Forever

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Hillary Clinton has seen her support plummet ever since she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial, supposedly because she was suffering from pneumonia. Now, her campaign has gone into panic mode once again as a documentary is set to be released on September 30 that may end her presidential dreams forever.

Clinton, Inc.: The Movie is a film adaptation of the bestselling 2014 book that reveals a series of humiliating and criminal details about the Clintons’ past. Daily Mail reported that one of the revelations in the film is that Virginia Clinton, Bill’s mother was a dead ringer for Monica Lewinsky, who he infamously had an affair with.


The documentary claims that Hillary was never a love interest of Bill’s. Instead, she was a grandmotherly figure from the beginning of their relationship. She was someone who Bill came to for balance and security, while he sought a sexual release with a multitude of one night stands.

The film’s producer Doug Sain, whose 2016 film Obama’s America became the second-highest grossing political documentary of all time, said that the film also explores the fact that Bill’s mother was very promiscuous as well, meaning he likely never knew who his real father was.

“Because of Bill Clinton’s own mother’s promiscuity, it was likely that someone else was his biological father – the biological father Bill never revealed,” Sain said, adding that this presents a bizarre “parallel between how he and Obama grew up.”

“Neither of them knew his biological father,” Sain explained. “And they both were raised by these role models that they thought would teach them who they should be.”

Clinton Inc. is a psychological study of the Clintons and what makes them tick that takes an in depth look at the many skeletons in their closet. The film will be playing in theaters all over America throughout October up through the election. The last thing Hillary wants is Americans analyzing her questionable past during those crucial weeks.

If enough people see this documentary, it may be enough to cost Hillary the election…

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