Donald Trump Gets Some AWFUL News From Latest Poll

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Last week, Hillary Clinton was exposed as a shameless liar when her campaign admitted she had been secretly suffering from pneumonia after she fell while leaving the 9/11 memorial. You would think this would cause liberal voters to lose faith in Clinton once and for all, but unfortunately, you would be wrong.

NBC News reported that a new poll reveals that Clinton now has a five point lead over Trump with 50 percent support compared to his 45 percent support.


The race looks a bit closer among likely voters than it does among voters that are already registered. Clinton now holds a six point lead over Trump among registered voters, with 49 percent support compared to his 43 percent. Last week, she only had a four point lead over him, with 48 percent against his 44 percent support.


When Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are factored into a four way matchup, Clinton enjoys a five point lead over Trump. She has 45 percent support, Trump has 40 percent, Johnson has 10 percent, and Stein has a measly 4 percent.


This comes as awful news to Trump and his supporters, who were hoping that he would be able to build a lead over Clinton after she was exposed as a liar. This proves once and for all just what ignorant sheep liberals really are. It doesn’t matter that Clinton has been proven to be a liar time and time again, they will still vote for her just because Barack Obama told them to…

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