Jimmy Fallon Just HUMILIATED Hillary Clinton On Live TV

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As the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton is used to the mainstream media kissing up to her every chance they get. That’s why it came as a shock to Clinton when “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon took shots at her health as she appeared on his show this week.

Last week, Clinton finally admitted that she has indeed been suffering from serious health problems after she collapsed while leaving the 9/11 memorial in New York City last week. Following this collapse, her campaign confessed that she has secretly been suffering from pneumonia, an admission that has caused many Americans to lose all faith in her.

According to Fox News, Fallon couldn’t resist taking some digs at Clinton’s health, so he greeted her when she arrived on his set by wearing a surgical mask. When she gave him a high-five, Fallon immediately rushed to put on hand sanitizer.

“Thank you so much,” Fallon said as he put on his mask. “It is great to have you here.”

And that was only the beginning…

While Fallon was clearly joking around, his actions showed just what little trust Americans now have in Clinton. Though she claims to be in perfect health, she has lied so many times at this point that it’s difficult for anyone to believe anything that she says.

Clinton may be laughing in this clip, but she won’t be laughing when her lies end up costing her the election. SHARE this story if you think Clinton is STILL hiding health problems from the American public!

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