Trump REFUSES To Board Jet – Takes Massive Stand For Police Instead

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Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has made it clear that he has no respect for American police officers. That’s why it was particularly refreshing last week when GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump took a massive stand for American cops.

After Trump’s appearances in Michigan last week, he arrived at the airport to fly to his next campaign stop. However, when Trump Force One landed to pick him up, the business mogul refused to board it. Conservative Tribune reported that Trump instead walked past the plane to greet, shake hands with and pose for pictures with the line of police officers on motorcycles lined up along the tarmac beside his plane.

Though Obama and Hillary Clinton repeatedly disrespect cops, Trump is aware of the fact that police officers risk their lives to protect them everyday. This sacrifice humbles Trump, so he feels that giving a little something back to them is the least he can do.

We applaud Trump for stopping everything to let police officers know he cares about them. SHARE this story if you LOVE Trump’s latest gesture!

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