Former Clinton Mistress Comes Forward – Reveals Disturbing Truth About Hillary

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Dolly Kyle was a high school sweetheart of former President Bill Clinton who engaged with a decades-long affair with him. Now, she has come forward to explain what she believes is wrong with Hillary.

Kyle, who wrote the book “Hillary the Other Woman,” has been “’cruisin’ for a bruisin’,” because she’s so angry and driven by rage.

“People like that eventually break down, physically,” Kyle said, according to Conservative Tribune.

“Hillary Clinton is not physically fit to be president,” the former Clinton mistress told WND. “Anyone who believes that she is has their eyes closed. If she was in a wheelchair or blind or something like that, she could still do the job. But she is losing her mental capabilities, she’s suffering from real cognitive impairment.”

Kyle, who is also an award-winning lawyer, went on to say that Hillary is showing evidence of emotional instability, memory loss and difficulty carrying out tasks. These symptoms combined with paranoia and desire to control means Hillary is likely suffering from a psychological disorder.

“That paranoia, that tendency to be a control freak, has always been a part of her personality,” Kyle said.

The lawyer explained that she wrote her book because she wanted the world to learn the truth about Hillary, and her health is only a small part of it. Kyle said the Democratic presidential nominee is also addicted to power, and that she will stop at nothing to obtain it.

“She has been running for president ever since she took hold of Billy Clinton’s coattails so many decades ago in 1971,” Kyle recalled.

Kyle’s revelations could not come at a worse time for Hillary, as she has seen a dramatic decrease in support since her health woes were made public. What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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