Hillary Clinton Spends $50 Million Attacking Trump, But It Backfires In A BIG Way

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In the last month, Hillary Clinton has become increasingly desperate to attack Donald Trump as he caught up to her in the polls. That’s why she chose to spend $50 million on anti-Trump ads in the month of August, but things didn’t quite go according to plan for her.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Clinton dropped 10 points in the last month against Trump despite the fact that she spent $645,000 more a day than her opponent. As of August 14, Clinton was up 46.3 to 41.6 over Trump. Today, TRUMP is up 46.3 to 42.2 over Clinton.


In the last week, Clinton has seen a dramatic decrease in support as legions of voters have lost faith in her following her collapse outside the 9/11 memorial.

Afterwards, Clinton’s campaign admitted that she had been lying for weeks in denying rumors that she was in poor health when they confessed that she has secretly been suffering from pneumonia. This caused millions of voters to lose faith in Clinton once and for all, as it confirmed that she is a shameless liar who has no interest in transparency.

Despite Clinton’s pneumonia admission, many believe that she is actually suffering from a far more serious neurological disease. These rumors were boosted this week when she cancelled a campaign appearance in North Carolina less than 24 hours after she was observed exhibiting odd medical symptoms during a speech in Philadelphia. During that speech, many supporters said that Clinton’s eyes appeared to be out-of-sync.

As usual, Clinton gave no explanation for abruptly canceling her North Carolina appearance.

We can only hope that Trump is able to build on his momentum and ride this wave all the way to the White House!

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