Trump-Loving Man Confronts Hillary To Her Face – HUMILIATES Her On Camera

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Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has taken a massive nosedive ever since she collapsed while leaving the 9/11 memorial last week. Things got even worse for her when footage just surfaced of a rally in which Clinton was humiliated right to her face.

According to Mad World News, the clip below comes from a February rally that took place at Manchester Community College in Manchester, New Hampshire. Though the footage was filmed months ago, it has just gone mega-viral, garnering over 12 million views.

The video begins with Clinton entering the crowd to shake hands with potential voters. She is quickly approached by Louis Alciere, who screams “Hillary for prison!” right in her face as she walks by. The Democratic presidential nominee then gave a response that nobody was expecting…

Thinking Alciere said “Hillary for President,” Clinton fired back, “Let’s make it happen.” This is absolutely priceless, since Clinton ended up calling for HERSELF to be sent to prison.

For once, we actually agree with Hillary Clinton on something!

“You heard her Supreme Court. She wants to be in prison #letsmakeithappen,” Alciere wrote in the video description.

While this video is hilarious, it also says something about Clinton’s mental abilities. Clearly, she wasn’t mentally quick enough to realize what this man was saying. If she’s dumb enough to say that she should be sent to prison, imagine the damage she can do to our country…

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