Hillary Caught Doing THIS Immediately Before First Debate – She’s Panicking…

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The first presidential debate is set to take place tonight, and Hillary Clinton is in full panic mode about it…

According to The Gateway Pundit, new reports have confirmed that Clinton is holding a last minute mock debate this morning, indicating that she is terrified about going up against Donald Trump on live television tonight.

Many are puzzled by this move, as it means Clinton will likely be worn out by tonight.

This comes just one day after footage surfaced of Clinton looking unsteady on her feet as she walked in New York City on Sunday.

Shot by ABC News’ Liz Kreutz, the video shows Clinton wearing a heavy green overcoat despite the fact that it was a warm 70 degree day outside. She then grasps the door handle for dear life as she cautiously looks down the staircase. Finally, she moves over to the side of the stairs and clutches the railing as she walks down it.

Meanwhile, the man walking behind Clinton easily walks down the stairs without using the banisters.

Things continue to go downhill for Clinton as she reaches her vehicle. The Democratic presidential nominee is seen grabbing a handle in the vehicle to steady herself as she steps down off the curb to the gutter and then uses both arms to pull herself up into the van.

Clearly, Clinton is in no shape to debate Trump tonight. Practice as much as you want, Hills, but there’s NO way you’re beating The Donald!

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