Did You Notice The Odd Way Hillary Walked Onstage For Debate? This PROVES She’s Sick

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During the first presidential debate on Monday night, millions of Americans were watching Hillary Clinton closely to see if she would show any sign of ill health. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Twitter immediately exploded when users noticed the odd way Clinton walked onstage to start the debate.

According to IJ Review, Clinton raised more questions about her health when she sauntered onstage in a truly strange way.

Many suggested that Clinton was on serious medications.

However, when she started speaking, liberals claimed she had put issues about her health to rest.

It was likely easy for Clinton to appear healthy once she realized that moderator Lester Holt was firmly on her side. Millions of patriots feel that the debate last night was rigged in Clinton’s favor, which could have given her the confidence she needed to not show any of her debilitating symptoms.

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