Hillary Caught Suffering Health Scare DURING Debate – Watch Closely…

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After the first presidential debate concluded last night, Hillary Clinton’s campaign cockily assumed she had won since moderator Lester Holt went so easy on her. However, further examination of the debate’s footage indicates that Clinton may have suffered yet another humiliating health scare on camera…

According to The Gateway Pundit, Clinton appeared to short-circuit while delivering her opening remarks at the debate. The glitch can be seen at the 3:37 mark in the video above this story.

“…We also have to make the economy fairer,” Clinton said. “That starts with raising the national minimum wage and also guarantee …&?!… Finally equal pay for women’s work. I also want to see more companies do profit sharing.”

This isn’t the first time Clinton has short circuited mid-sentence. During a rally in Florida last month, Clinton lost her entire train of thought as she spoke to a crowd:

Then there was the time last month when she froze onstage and had to be urged on by her mysterious handler/doctor:

Of course, we all remember the moment Clinton suffered a seizure on camera.

And the time she fainted outside the 9/11 memorial…

These videos make it clear that Clinton is not healthy enough to be the next president of the United States. If she can’t handle running a campaign, she DEFINITELY can’t handle being president!

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